Cozy Couple Bedroom Session

Bryan and Sam

Married, saving money by living with his parents after having had their own place.  Small sacrifices for the bigger picture.

Cozy Apartment Newlywed Session

Oh to be young and in love.  If there were a clear origin of that phrase, I’d name it.  It seems like folks are waiting longer and longer to get married these days – at least in Los Angeles.  So many want to be free and enjoy their youth (is a thirty-something still a youth?).  To each his own, as they say.  I was married just before my 24th birthday (I am 29 now), and for me there is little better than going through life beside my loving hubbers, who is committed to me day in and day out.

Narcisso and Cynthie didn’t want to wait either.  At 20 and 22, they were ready to be committed to each other for life.  No biggie….  Chicho (Narcisso) proposed to Cynthie in front of their families in her parent’s home in Victorville, and together they all celebrated the impending nuptials.

They began making plans for a simple wedding, but an unexpected tragedy befell Cynthie’s family.  Her father, Dan, suffered a severe stroke after having made an amazing recovery from a first stroke 2 years prior.  He passed peacefully in the hospital, with his wife, 3 daughters, son and in-laws at his bedside. The joy of wedding planning made way for grief, and Cynthie gave time for the Lord to console her heart and the hearts of her mother and siblings.

With the desire to be united, but having lost the appetite for a celebratory gathering, Chicho and Cynthie eloped.  They made their vows in Long Beach, in remembrance of where Cynthie’s mom and dad had met when they were teenagers.   Unable to find an affordable apartment, they spent their first three months of marriage with Chicho’s parents and 4 siblings (not dissimilar to how my hubbs and I started out).  After several attempts at affordable places, finally; in a building with little good to say for itself, up a flight of questionable stairs and at the end of dimly lit hallway, a gleam of light…. This session takes place in a perfectly quaint studio apartment in South LA, with two perfect windows, two perfect people and some very silly pancakes.

Newlyweds in Their First Home: