Moody Morning Maternity Session at Venice Beach

Andrew and Corey met me for a Maternity session on a perfectly overcast morning in Venice with their son, Salty.  Salty is expecting a baby sister, and he is super stoked about it. Corey had not had any maternity images done when she was pregnant with Salty, so she was aching to have some beautiful bump images this time around, as well as some portraits of the three of them as they expect their new little darlin’. Andrew is a lifeguard at the Venice Breakwater, so it was only fitting that we shoot on the beach, and Salty takes right after his dad – it’s possible that they are even more comfortable in water than on land.

This session was very sweet for me.  Andrew and I have known each other since childhood, and he’ll be happy to tell you that I was the genius who taught him how to tie his shoes. (He still uses my double loop method.) Seeing his as a father and hearing him call Salty “Son”; those moments were precious and dear.  This is a special special family, and I so look forward to seeing and photographing them in August, when 3 have become 4.

Oxnard Maternity Session

After spending almost three years as a partner at Another Kind of Sunrise on Abbot Kinney, Venice local and private chef, Lela Buttery, said goodbye to the westside.  Lela and her husband, Brian, a firefighter, made the move to Ventura County, where they were able to purchase an old Spanish, colonial style home.  We spent a casual morning together in their home, talking about goat’s milk protein and healthy fats, maternity and the healing affects it can have on a mother’s body, and they serenaded me with sweet, folk tunes.  We then we made a 5 minute drive to Oxnard Beach.

Brian and Lela’s Comfy and Casual Oxnard Maternity Session