Baby Oliver and Company

This in-home session was one which I thoroughly enjoyed, not just because it included a break for bacon and eggs and coffee with a perfect splash of H&H, but because these sweet peeps were so focused on each other and pleasantly “unaware” of me as I photographed them. Shawn and Dana invited me in to their home and made me feel totally at ease and comfortable. They allowed me to work the way that I love, documenting their affection for each other and their swoon-worthy love for their little Oli in a very natural and unassuming way.

As we were nearing the end of our session, Dana shared with me that they had not been able to snap a photo of Oli smiling, and they were really wanting to share an image with her parents of they’re sweet, smiley boy. Mama sat baby Oliver up on her lap, and we made it our mission to capture some some smiles. Daddy pulled out the baby talk, goofy faces, silly songs, hand gestures – “the works”, and he managed to make baby and mama smile.

These folks are smitten with their little boy, and they are enjoying every minute with him.